about us

An idea that was born in Italy and travels to the splendid Bali, Indonesia, where skilled artisan hands assemble top quality leathers and combine them with refined materials and bijoux, delightfully embellishing the products and making them absolutely unique.

The memory insole is the plus that cannot be missing in a prestigious shoe, ensuring comfort for the wearer.
Extremely recognizable, these fine shoes are ideal for sultry days in the city, but also to accompany the wearer to aperitifs and formal dinners on the seafront.
The models are articulated on the must-haves of the summer and embellished with bright details, small golden shells, silver snakes that wrap around the ankle and shimmering red corals that tinkle with every step. There is no shortage of colorful pearls and beads that wrap the back of the foot as if they were bracelets, souvenirs of a journey that holds a special place in the heart.

Balibali offers a wide range of creations, versatile products, inevitable in summer outfits, but above all some proposals designed for brides.

The Balibali proposals are resold throughout Europe and throughout Italy at authorized retailers, and can be purchased online at the official e-commerce https://www.balibali.it/.