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Handmade sandals for women in genuine leather

All of our sandals are made entirely of leather by expert craftsmen on the fantastic island of Bali.
Ours is a totally handcrafted production, and each sandal is treated like a small piece of art..

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100% genuine leather


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sandali serpente - SN DOUBLE ORG WINE

Snake Sandals

The Snake Sandals are the perfect way to elevate your wardrobe instantly.

These sandals feature a metallic fastening that wraps around the calf for a perfect fit, a genuine reptile upper for discreet sophistication, a softly padded leather insole and a leather sole for comfort and durability.

Furthermore, the 1 cm heel gives you height without compromising on style.

If you are looking for a little more height, don’t miss the chance to order the 2 or 3 cm heel variants.


Slave Sandals

With their simple yet appealing aesthetics, Balibali slave sandals are the product of quality and style, without ever neglecting elegance and comfort.

These sandals are made from high-quality materials, such as Italian leather or suede laces, soft leather insoles and real leather soles.

The unique style features a cotton upper with metal chains and shells that add a special touch.

The sandal is available with a 1 cm heel, allowing you to be stylish while maintaining comfort and convenience.

sandali con tacco - BUNGA FUXIA WINE

Heeled Sandals

Balibali heeled sandals are perfect for any occasion.

These sandals feature various uppers, either leather-suede lace-ups with studs, or beading and natural accessories, and a soft padded leather insole.

We offer three heel height options to give you the support and comfort you desire: 20 mm or 30 mm heels, and where possible 50 mm, so you can be sure your feet will be supported all day long.

The combination of style, luxury and comfort makes Balibali heeled sandals the perfect footwear for any occasion.

Choose Balibali today to experience the perfect balance of design and comfort.

Your feet will thank you.

sandali ciabatta - HERMY FULL NATURAL

Slipper Sandals

The Balibali slipper sandals are handmade in leather or suede, following the Italian style so as to be comfortable and refined.

The upper features a soft memory insole, while the sole is made of genuine leather that offers superior durability.

With the refined applications on the upper and the mix of Italian design and Balinese perfumes, Ciabatta sandals will add style to any occasion.

Invest in your wardrobe today with Balibali / Ciabatta Sandals!

infradito artigianali - AFRICA RED FUXIA

Handmade flip-flops

Our handmade flip-flops are the perfect way to add an original touch to your summer outfit.

Want to be fashionable without giving up a comfortable shoe?

We’ve thought of you!

With Balibali flip-flops, comfort is assured with every step thanks to the soft padded leather insole, genuine leather sole and 1 cm heel for extra support.

With options such as cotton uppers covered in hand-sewn beads and shells, you can always sport a unique style.

For those who want even more support, we also offer variants with a 2 or 3 cm high heel.

Perfect for beach lunches, sightseeing trips and poolside parties, Balibali’s handmade sandals strike the perfect balance between fashion and trend.

Stop settling for poorly designed shoes that hurt your feet: choose Balibali today and experience unparalleled comfort.

sandali-gioiello - mini pearl

Jewel Sandals

Balibali’s jewelled sandals are small works of art, handmade one by one.

Made with meticulous bead embroidery and natural accessories that distinguish Balinese craftsmanship from anywhere else in the world, these sandals feature rich uppers in colours reminiscent of nature.

Made of suede, the Balibali sandals also have a soft padded leather insole and a genuine leather sole with a one-centimetre heel.

For customers who want the 2 or 3 centimetre heel variants, there is no need to worry, as they can conveniently order them by e-mail.

And if that is not enough, the sandals are shipped within one day if available, and will take no longer than seven days to be shipped if the product is to be made to order.

Experience beauty at its best with Balibali’s jewel sandals, perfect for any event or occasion.

About US

An idea that was born in Italy and travels to the splendid Bali, Indonesia, where skilled artisan hands assemble top quality leathers and combine them with refined materials and bijoux, delightfully embellishing the products and making them absolutely unique.

  • Italian design
  • 100% real leather
  • Products in Bali
  • Sold all over the world

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about our sandals

Are Balibali sandals all leather?

Yes, Balibali sandals are made with a leather sole and a padded insole made of genuine leather.

There are some cotton parts in the upper to allow for the stitching of various added accessories.

Can you customise the heel?

Yes, you can, all our thong sandals and slippers, except the high-heeled sandals and wedges, are made with a 10 mm heel: these can be ordered by e-mail ( ) with a 20 mm or 30 mm heel.

What is the upper? (tomaia)

The upper is the upper part of the sandal, i.e. the part in contact with the back of the foot that contains it.

What is meant by "padded insole"?

Between the sole and the insole, i.e. the leather part of the sandal where the sole of the foot rests, a 4 mm layer of foam rubber is inserted in order to make the sandal more comfortable and the walk more comfortable

Are Balibali sandals comfortable?

The comfort of Balibali sandals is our strong point: in addition to the padding of the insole and upper (only in some models), the sandals are made of soft-touch leather