Where are balibal sandals made?
The sandals are designed in italy and made in bali

Are they 100% artisanal?
Yes, the sandals are cut, sewn and enriched with accessories totally by hand

They are comfortable?
All the sandals are made with foam in the insole to give comfort to the sole of the foot: the sole and the leather insole are inserted with a 3 mm board insole

Are balibal sandals leather sandals?
Yes, they are made of leather, suede, reptile and have a leather sole

Can I check my size before purchasing?
Yes, in the purchase phase you will find 8 boxes, from n. 35 to n. 42: click your foot number and print the relevant pdf: in the print you will find the shape of the sandal with your number. Place your foot on the sheet and verify that your foot is contained in the shape of the sandal

If the sandals I purchase do not fit or I don’t like it, do I have the opportunity to change them?
Certainly: contact us to the mail balibali.Ordini@gmail.Com and you will be satisfied

Can I customize the sandals with 2 cm or 3 cm heel?
Certainly, the sandals for sale in stock are made with a 1 cm flat heel, but if you want the sandal with a higher heel, make a request at balibali.Ordini@gmail.Com

How can I pay for the sandals to purchase?
With credit card: all circuits are accepted

With what packaging do you deliver?
The sandals are shipped within a cotton bag, and within the beautiful balibal box

With which couriers do you deliver?
We deliver with ups and sda